Mace of the Apocalypse-By Daniel J Williams

Posted: July 6, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

Mace of the Apocalypse Full Size Version

On a beautiful spring afternoon in San Francisco a deadly toxin is released. Within hours it spreads like wildfire, consuming the entire Bay Area. A small group of survivors, desperate to stay alive, must travel through a gauntlet of raging corpses, battling their inner demons and each other along the way.

Mace of the Apocalypse is the first book in a series by Daniel J Williams.  This book picks up with a quick and gritty introduction to Mace and his girlfriend Jade.  The couple works together as bounty hunters in the the city of San Francisco.  This tale of survival is fast paced from the get go; and grabs on and does not let go from page one to the final gasping breath.  You will become quickly attached to both Mace and Jade; but also secondary characters in Lisa and her four year old daughter Chelsea.

This tale is so truly believable in so many senses of the word.   From how the infection starts; to how quickly it spreads.  To how truly terrifying it can be; when one must face their own demons of the past.   Daniel did such a wonderful job of creating his characters; he made them seem like real living breathing people; that I’d grown up with.  That I myself knew and loved.    I feared for their lives and safety through every page; and every word.

Mace of the Apocalypse is a wonderful; and engaging state to a series; once you’re done with it; you’ll be hungry for more.

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