Review: Behind The Lace By H.A Lamb

Posted: July 19, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

539139_337865046271055_1731325708_n ‘You killed him!’ Ella screeched. ‘You killed him! If you had only loved him enough, he wouldn’t have died.’
‘Ella, please sit down in front of the fire, now.’
‘What are those called? The black, yucky aftermath of the fire?’
‘Cinders?’ I said calmly. ‘I am sorry, Ella, about—’
‘No!’ She yelled, interrupting me again. ‘You will never, ever call me that again!’ Tears streamed down her face. ‘You are the reason that my mother and father are dead! You are a curse to everyone who knows you! You are evil! It shows on your face!’ Her breath was shaking then. ‘You will call me Cinders, because that is all that is left of me, since you have destroyed it all.’

Before Cinderella meets the prince, before she loses her glass slipper, before the happily ever after, there was the stepmother.

Thrown into a forced marriage, she is haunted by her past, by her love for another man, and by her inability to hope for her own happily ever after. So much happened before the ball. So much happened Behind the Lace

Behind the Lace; while not an Apocalyptic tale; is a tale of love, loss and trying to survive.  Aveline has never wanted anything more then to protect those she loves; when a horrible accident happens; it changes Aveline’s life for ever.   Finally the story of Cinderella told from the Stepmothers point of view.  Where at every story I’ve read before this, tells how evil she is, shows what a wonderful; caring woman she really was.   Aveline gives up everything she’s ever wanted in her own life; just to make sure nothing ever happens to those she cares about; she even gives up the man she loves; to save a kingdom that cares not for her well being.

This tale sucked me in; and once I started reading it, I could not put it down.  I ached for Aveline and wanted her to have her happily ever after and you will as well.

Behind the Lace by H.A Lamb can be found on Amazon in Paperback or for your Kindle.

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