Review: By No Means Vulgar: A collection of Shakesperian Short Stories.

Posted: July 20, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized


With works from Authors:  Greg Stolze, Filamena Young, Eddy Webb, Jess Hartley, Will Hindmarch, J.R. Blackwell, Crysa Leflar, Jason Corley

By No Means Vulgar is an amazing collection of very interesting; very subjective short stories.  Based in and around the Shakespearean works of William Shakespeare.   Each story takes another turn from the original tale; making it their own.  I’ll admit this here and now; I’ve always had trouble with reading short stories; as I like to become invested in the characters in each book.   But, this time I found myself quickly immersed into each world; with each new story.  The writers here are amazing and this is well worth the read.  Especially for those who love the world of Shakespeare.

These works are based off of a Shakespearean Role Playing game called “The Play’s The Thing,”   Each author took the world they play in and turned it into a rich tapestry, with fully fleshed and believable characters.  Something I’ve found issues with before in short stories.

Each quick glance into each world; left me wishing their was more to the story, and I would be quite happy to read a full length Novel based off of any of the short Stories contained with in the pages of By No Means Vulgar.

By No means Vulgar can be found in Amazon for your Kindle.

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