Review: We Are Dust Stories Inspired by Our Last Hope.

Posted: July 25, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

We_Are_Dust_Cover We Are Dust is a collection of short stories inspired by Our Last Best Hope, an RPG published by Magpie Games. In the game, players work together to try to save Humanity from a terrible Crisis…

Edited by Mark Diaz Truman and featuring the works of: Matthew McFarland, Monica Valentinelli,  Will Hindmarch,  J.R. Blackwell, Jason Corley, Eddy Webb, Joel Sparks, Crysa Leflar, Rob Wieland, Pete Woodworth, Jess Hartley


When the world ends, how will we feel?

That is the largest question anyone and everyone who has even complemented the Apocalypse has asked themselves.   Will we be terrified, will we give into that terror and just surrender to a fate we can’t escape?   Or will we stand strong, face the end with a brave face; and maybe just maybe find a way to survive?

This book explores those questions and even more; the sadness, the desperation, the triumph and joy.   From the get go, this collection of short stories was well written and just amazing as anything.  I wanted to know what more would happen to the characters, what was going to happen, on that next page that doesn’t exists; unless it was in the author themselves mind.  I found myself wondering after finishing this collection of stories; how would I handle the end?  Would I be brave or would I weep?   Nobody really knows how they will deal with that final moment, until that final moment is here.

We are dust is a study in the human psyche, when faced with insurmountable odds.  Well written, well thought out and all around just an amazing field to play in.   It left me wishing for more that’s for sure.

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