Review: The Grimm Diaries Prequels 1-6 By Cameron Jace

Posted: July 30, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

71pdAf+3gxL   What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?  In the Grimm Diaries Prequals, you are taking a short step into a world that is still waiting to be explored.  Each short story is like a taste of fine wine, full of life and leaving you begging for more.   And that is exactly how I felt as I read the first set of them 1-10.    From Snow white, Blood Red, a take on the Snow white Fairy tale as told from the “Evil Queens” Perspective,  to Blood Apples, as told by Prince Charming himself as he seeks to rescue his beautiful princess.”  These stories are amazing, adventurous and leaves you thirsting for more.   More that will come.

When I was first introduced to the Grimm Diaries I’ll admit to being Leary of reading them; because there are right now SO many takes on those very same fairy tales.  Grimm on NBC,  Once Upon a Time on ABC, and now Sleepy Hollow on Fox.   But, as a willing reader of any and all fiction; I dove into the world provided for us by Cameron Jace and I havn’t turned back yet.    I am forging ahead; taking notes and dying to see if I’m right in my guess work.

I don’t know about anyone else whose read these, but there a good fun solid read and if you like reading twists on Fairy tales, these are the books for you.  There dark, twisted and so masterfully written, its making me really belive the truth is stranger then fiction.


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  1. Kristin@Blood,Sweat and Books says:

    These books are great. I am a huge fan of Fairy Tale retellings and the Author did the characters justice. At least in my opinion 🙂

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