Review: The Grimm Diaries 7-10 by Cameron Jace

Posted: July 31, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

71pdAf+3gxL What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?

Once again I step back into Cameron Jace’s world, where the truth about the Grimm brother’s Fairy tales written.  Like the sweet goblin fruit discussed in Moon and Madly; I took one bite with the first set; and couldn’t wait to dive back in for more.   And these short glimpse into this world spun by Storyteller (because don’t call him a writer), Cameron Jace are just mind grabbing.

They excite the imagination, and twist it into its own dark ways.  If you give them an opening you won’t ever break free.   These stories connect you with a cast of characters so amazing and so varied that you will wonder who is who, and what will happen next.

I for one, definitly can not wait to read more, but as a fan of all things Fairy tale, this was a sure fire win for me.  As darkly twisted as one could expect from the world of Grimm, these short stories only off you a glimpse into a much wider world.  And will give you a chance to decide whether to face the big bad at the end or not.

The Grim Diaries and all of Cameron Jaces works can be found on Amazon

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