Review: Grimm Diaries 11-14 By Cameron Jace.

Posted: August 1, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

71pdAf+3gxLWhat if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong? 

What can I say; that I’ve not already said about this series.  Its amazing, its spell binding and I seriously can not put it down.   Cameron Jace literally has grabbed my by the brain and made me think; something I’ve not had to do in a long time when reading a book, or even a series of stories.

The whole process of trying to figure everything out is literally mind bending.   I absolutely love it, the Grimm Diaries is a series I can not put down; and I can not wait for the next installment.  The way each of these characters are written is just so believable, and the way that Jace has made each character there own special place and meaning in this world.  I have to say my faviriot two at this point in time is Ladle rat and Jack Madly though I hold a special place in my heart for the ever amazing Loki Blackstar.

Ladle Rat and Jack Madly are such quirky characters that they leave me wanting, no scratching that craving more.

This whole series in itself leaves me wanting for more and as this is the last set of Grimm Prequels before the release of Snow White Sorrows, I will be diving into that next.    Cameron Jace is definitely in a class of his own, with this Dark and twisted;  sometimes funny sometimes scary, take on the original Grimm’s Fairy tales.

You can find Cameron Jace and all of his works on Amazon.

You can also get a hold of him on Facebook and Twitter.


Stay tuned folks for the review of Snow White Sorrows by Cameron Jace; I will be doing my first official give away with that Review.   So to prepare yourself if you win that book, you should definitely go buy and read the prequels.


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