Review: When Red is Blue By Sabrynne McClain

Posted: August 11, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

wrib-square Kate Faraday, a young woman from a small town in Michigan, dreams of leaving her past behind her and moving to California. But when her schizophrenic mother is found dead in a ravine, Kate is forced to examine her conflicting emotions over her mother’s death, while coping with the demands of her alcoholic father and local residents who witnessed the shame of her childhood. In the end, Kate discovers that the most difficult relationship to reconcile is the one she has with herself.

I finished this book in a matter of two days and it took me til today to know exactly what I wanted to say about it.  And how I wanted to word this review.   This book, touches on so much of my own life.  Though my own mother was not like Kate’s, she was more like her father.   I know even in her drunkenness somewhere my mother cared about me and my older sister.

Unlike Kate I managed to escape my mother’s home; though I love her very much, I could not live with in that world forever.  In When Red is Blue, Kate is forced to deal with not only her mothers schizophrenia, she must also deal with her fathers inability to care for himself.  And when her mother passes suddenly, Kate must reevaluate at her life and figure out where she is going in life.  All while dealing with her fellow family members.
Kate is faced with the difficult choice of moving forward when everything seems to be stuck in the mud.  Having been there, I sympathized fully with Kate.  This book on several occasions brought me to tears.  Kate’s relationship with her father is very similar to that of mine with my own mother.   The constant feeling she holds in her mind and body that she must take care of him and her mother.

When Red is Blue, is a true story, based upon the authors own life in her early twenties.  It is an amazing read, and if you’ve gone through life having to care for your parents the way the Author has, the way I have.  Then this is definitely a book to read.  Have your tissues handy because I know I needed them.   While I know this book is a step away from my usual fare; it has its own slow burn, a story of one word ending and another beginning.    The pain of growing up with mentally ill parents are something I can understand  so very well.    This is a painful world that Kate lives in, and to have survived shows what a strong and willful woman she is.


When Red is Blue can be found one Amazon.

  1. Very nice review Joy 🙂

  2. Sherri says:

    Thanks for the lovely review, Joy.

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