Review: The Grimm Diaries Prequels 15-18.

Posted: September 12, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

1236002_231979906956473_914292326_n  Once again we enter the world of Cameron Jace with the next 4 Prequels to his amazing Grimm Diaries Series.   With in this edition we have the next 4 stories  Snow White Black Swan, The Pumpkin Piper, Prince of Puppets, The Sleeping Swan.  And each Story adds another layer of mystery and intrigue.  These Prequels fill us in more on how the kingdom of sorrow came to be, how one of the greatest hero’s of the fairytale world came to be,  How the Devil sold his soul, and we get our first glimpse at Snow Whites father.

This foray into the Grimm Universe was such a wonderful, trip.  It explored more into this world letting us know how things work and how some certain things came to be.  The stories told with these pages are amazing and heart wrenching.   We get another look at the Queen of Sorrow and why she is the way she is.   We get an introduction to the Pumpkin Piper, who is an amusing and heartfelt character who just wants to play all day.  We discover the Devil and how he came to be, and we also get a different look a certain wooden puppet.   And last but not least, we get our very first introduction to Angel Von Sorrow.  Snow White’s father and the man he is, and how strong he really is to sacrifice everything he is, for the cause of good in his kingdom.

These prequels are powerful in their own right; they give us so much more insight into how this world works; and why it works the way it does.   It shows us true evil, and true goodness of soul,  It shows us not to judge a book by its cover;  because even if something is Dark, Scarey and Evil looking, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the big bad we should be watching over our shoulder for.   In other words its taking a world we have always looked at in the black and white and giving us all the shades of color in between.   The Grimm Diaries Universe is such a fleshed out amazing world; that one can tell the Author loves just as much as his fan base does.  These are books you will pick up and not be able to put down I promise.  These is a series of books I am all about; and I can NOT wait for the next one in the series.

The Grimm Diaries Prequels and all of Cameron Jace’s books are available for Purchass on Amazon

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