The Sovereign Spirit Saga; Volume 1, By David P. Forsyth.

Posted: October 13, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

18364678  Scott Allen won the lottery, and was living his dream with his beautiful wife, wonderful son and many of his friends, out on the ocean in his newly purchased ship the Sovereign Spirit, for Six months when the world goes to hell.   Carl Stiller and his wife Priscilla are heading to a cruise on the Caribbean, and are the very crowed LAX when the Apocalypse begins.

The Sovereign Spirit Saga by David P. Forsyth follows these two men as the fight to survive and save the one’s they love the most.   These books, whether you buy them as one book, in Vol 1, or if you buy them each separately are an edge of your seat ride of suspense and terror.   Though the characters are mainly not involved in the death and destruction on land it does effect them on a baser level and its heart wrenching as you grow very attached to each and everyone of the characters David has created here.


Now when I first picked up the series over a year ago and read them, I found the volume of research David did was breath taking.  Not only did he research where he was taking his cast of characters but he got it right, as a person who lives in and around, and has been to and seen many of the locations he mentions in the book I have to say he got them spot on.  His research was even more evolved when it came to weapons  and the vehicles he used to create the world he was writing in.    And while some of the weapons were mind boggling for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of the things Scott, Carl and their family and friends were using.

In closing, The Sovereign Spirit Saga is an amazingly fun romp through the Zombie Apocalypse.  It definitely stands out in a world full of unexplained Z-pocs, and heck in this one the characters are even working to find a cure as well.   This book is good honest fun and I reccomend it to anyone and everyone who loves a good Z-poc read.

So if you wanna buy it,  you can of course find it on  Amazon

If your not sure, you can buy the first book in the series by itself for free here.

You can also get some insight in the series itself, into the Author and see all the amazing toys that in this book just by going over to Davids Site  Here.


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