The Complex: Reanimates Book 1 By, J. Rudolph

Posted: October 25, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

thumbnailfb So on Saturday October 26th I will be going to Long Beach California to hit up the Long Beach Zombie crawl and more importantly Apocacon, a gathering of Apocalyptic Authors.   Now, most people would be excited about this in general; but the real reason I’m super excited is the Authors I’m going to meet.  One of those Authors is J. Rudolph herself.    And here I will be reviewing her book,  The Complex: Reanimates Book 1.

When I first picked up the book I’ll be honest I had some issues with the writing style, it seemed awkward and a bit jerky, but that smoothed out well on its way into the story.  I quickly became attached to the characters, I laughed, I smiled and yes I even cried with the little group of survivors.    This book starts just as the outbreak is letting loose on the world at large.

it follows a group of people who live with in a gated complex as they struggle to survive.   It follows them as they search for supplies, and ways to defend themselves against not only the Zombies but their fellow man.   Now in my years of reading I’ve only actually come across a few books where while Zombies were the cause of the end of the world, they were not the main focus 24/7.  And that is something I really enjoyed about this book.

The people in this book were not constently under attack, they were able to live, laugh, love and even eventually bring new life into the world.  Faced with tough decisions they don’t just jump to conclusions but they investigate things before acting.    This is a must read for any person who obsesses over Z-poc fiction, like me.   This is an amazingly well put together book, that as far as I could see only had the one issue with the rough beginning, that smoothed out nicely pretty quickly in.

And I for one can not wait to meet J. Rudolph on Saturday!!

If your interested in reading The Complex: Reanimates Book 1 and its Sequel The Highway: Reanimates book 2, you can find them both on Amazon


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