Interludes in Hell, Sovereign Spirit Saga, By David P Forsyth

Posted: December 11, 2013 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

18663592  Interludes in hell By David P. Forsyth is a step back into the Sovereign Spirit Saga,  it is three short stories that cover different points of view of Z-day if you will.

The first one Lukan covers the beginning, the how and some of the why of the Virus that spread so rapidly, so aggressively so finally.   Lukan gives you an inside view of the man who brought the Virus to the world at large, as he makes one final trip around the world, paid for by people who wish to see the end of the world.   I know for one I felt for Lukan through out this whole story, and like you I can say, sitting here safe at home, that no matter the circumstances I would never make the decision that Lukan did himself.  We honestly don’t know what we would do, faced with the future that Lukan is faced with in this short story.

In the next step, Lands end, we meet up with the crew of Doyles southern comfort, who you who have read the Sovereign Spirit Saga, know this boat as the crew from Australia.  Stopped off and visiting in Cabo San Lucas when the outbreak happens, stick with the crew as they struggle to survive, and feel their heart ache and terror as if you are really there yourself.   While i was reading Lands end I found myself wondering who was going to survive, it really was just heart breaking to see how things went down in the tourist town.

And in the final short we finally get to see how the military would react in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse in Into the breach,  we follow along as a unit of marines breach into the world of the walking dead.  As they struggle to make their way to the place where they will make their last stand against an enemy that feels no pain, and only wish to eat you alive.

And like I said in my review of the Sovereign Spirit Trilogy, I have to save David does an amazing job describing all the military, Weapons, vehicles and even the way the virus works with in his world.  He is an amazing author who I can not wait for the next part of this amazing series.

If you are intrested in this book you can get it here.

And if your interested in the rest of the Sovereign Spirit Saga head on over here to pick it up.

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