The Kings Envoy By Cas Peace.

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cas-peace-e1317865131260Taran Elijah’s quest for knowledge uncovers a plot that threatens the world…

My first and foremost love for books have always been the epic fantasy adventures, and Kings Envoy starts you on a journey that leaves you wanting more.  It brings you to fall in love with the characters.  Makes you worry and leaves you thinking about them long after you put the book down.    Though this is not a book, let alone a series you will be able to put down easily.  But will get to the sequel in a bit.

King’s Envoy starts you off with Taran Elijah who is desperate for knowledge and his ability to grow his powers as an Artesan.  He breaches the veil between worlds and ends up embroiled in a plot that could cost not just one world, but all the worlds.   Faced with the task of informing the king of Albia he becomes a part of the plot and must face his own fears of inadequacy to try and help save the world.


I loved loved loved this book, it was an amazing, well written start to a series that I could not wait to finish.  The story and plot line were well written, and the characters well fleshed out and very likable.  Even minor characters have enough history put to them to make them interesting and fun to read.  The only issue I had was the absolute love all the male characters had from the get go for Major Sullyan, BUT and that is a BIG BIG But, that was explained in the future and it made it all very easy to enjoy.   Sullyan is lovable and a great and easy character to sympathies with.

Like I said above, this book was hard to put down, and I didn’t want stop reading it til it was done, though…there were times I had to.  This is a quick read but, its fun and leaves you wanting more, I know I did I scrambled off to purchase the sequel.   On a scale of 1-10, whether to buy, this is a 10 all the way.

The Kings Envoy by Cas Peace can be found Here


Cas Peace was born and brought up in the lovely county of Hampshire, in the UK, where she still lives. On leaving school, she trained for two years before qualifying as a teacher of equitation. During this time she also learned to carriage-drive. She spent thirteen years in the British Civil Service before moving to Rome, where she and her husband, Dave, lived for three years. They return whenever they can. As well as her love of horses, Cas is mad about dogs, especially Lurchers. She enjoys dog agility training and currently owns two rescue Lurchers, Milly and Milo. Milly has already had some success in the agility ring, and Milo will begin competing in late 2011. Cas loves country walks, working in stained glass, and folk singing. She has also written a nonfiction book, For the Love of Daisy, which tells the life story of her beautiful Dalmatian.





  1. caspeace, Artesans of Albia. says:

    Wonderful review – thanks so much!
    Keep your eyes open for the first book in the Circle of Conspiracy trilogy – The Challenge is coming SOON!
    XX Cas

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