Kings Champion By Cas Peace

Posted: March 11, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Uncategorized

KingsChampion Major Sullyan is in a fight for her life and for the kingdom of Andaryon…

Cas Peace’s amazing Sequel to The Kings Envoy does not disappoint, picking up where its predecessor left off its shot from the cannon, and the pace never lets up.   In the race to save Major Sulyan’s life our hero’s must reach the king of Andaryon.  To let him know the villainous plot of Lord Rykan, as he makes his bid to take the kingdom of Andaryon for himself.

Like I said above this book is off like a cannon shot, its fast paced from the first page and doesn’t let up til you reach the end and that ending screams at you to go out right now and pick up the next book in this series.   The Kings Champion Picks up right where The Kings Envoy left off, with the high paced race to save Major Sullyan.

This book takes you through every step of the way in the hero’s Journey towards finding herself, and saving herself in the same fell swoop.  This book also does more to show why everyone loves her, instead of just leaving everyone hanging on those self proclamations from the other characters, this does show us how that love comes about.  It even ties up those loose ends we had after the first book with the love story between her and Captain Tamsen.  The final and best bit of all of this is that the Author Cas Peace goes out of her way to introduce and develope secondary character well enough that while reading this book, I found  myself caring about even the smallest of characters, worrying about there well being and health, and even being choked up when characters died.

All in all this book was well written, well thought out, and leaves you wanting more, which joy of joys, the third book in the series has recently been released.

But you can find the King’s Champion here



  1. caspeace, Artesans of Albia. says:

    That really is a wonderful review – thank you so much! I hope you will like King’s Artesan, too.
    xx Cas

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