I am Automaton By Edward P. Cardillo

Posted: March 20, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Zombie Apocalypse

17522007 This is probably one of the most interesting takes on the Zombie’s I’ve seen.   Unlike 90% of most Zombie novels  we are not introduced to the Zombies right off the bat.  In fact we don’t even know about the Zombies actually existing outside of the main characters weird semi prophetic dreams.  Now I’m not going to give much away here in this review, because I want you guys to go read it for yourself.

Peter Birdsall has lost his entire squad while on a mission in Tijuana, the only survivor Peter returns home and begins the process of dealing with his survivors guilt.  Meanwhile his superiors have other plans for him.  Faced with not only having to deal with his own guilt of surviving while his team mates have not, he is faced with a loss that is much closer to home.    And when his younger brother Carl announces his intents to enlist in the army as well, Peter will do anything to keep his younger brother safe.

The plot of I Am Automaton is fast paced and driven, Edward Cardillo really did his research when he wrote this book, and made his future of the world  a very dirty and terrifying reality.  He builds his characters well and easily makes you feel for our two main characters.  The Zombies are while sometimes amusing are just as terrifying as any other Zombie of come across in recent years.    The story does a wonderful job of building itself up, having you hold your breath and crossing your fingers that everyone will survive.  This was a book I could not put down from beginning to end, and when I wasn’t reading it I found myself wondering what would happen next.  This is a great read and if your a fan of the Zombie Genre its not a miss at all.   If anything this is a hit and I can not wait to start in on the second and third book in the series.

I am Automaton can be found and purchased here

Edward P. Cardillo is an author of horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy. His novel I AM AUTOMATON won a Readers’ Favorite Award and is the beginning of a series being published by Severed Press. By day Cardillo is a clinical psychologist treating anxiety and fear; by night he concocts tales to terrify his readers…

He enjoys both jobs immensely.



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