Legend of Mace By Dan Williams.

Posted: March 22, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Post-Apocalyptic

20881131The final chapter in the Mace of the Apocalypse hits you in the gut, grabs on and doesn’t let go until the end.  This book takes place four years after the end of Children of The Apocalypse which I reviewed earlier and if you’ve not read the three prequels yet, why are you hear reading a review of the fourth and final book in a series?

Mace Marconi is a changed man after the events of Mace of the Apocalypse, the Value of Jade  and finally Children of the Apocalypse.  Still together with his heart and soul Jade but he no longer feels the love he once did for her or there children.  Its not that he’s fallen out of love anymore, but thanks to the virus that’s started it all, he no longer feels anything for her.  Mace’s one soul reason for being is protecting the camp he and his people, along with Woody and the Children who follow him now called Rangers, have made out of The Alamo

The Zombies though are dying off, the Virus that animated them is slowly dying off.  But even as one threat dies off, a new one makes itself known as a mass of like minded killers make their way towards the sanctuary that Mace, Jade and all the others call home.

You will be sitting on the edge of your seat during this entire book.  I had nails when I started, by the time I was done I didn’t.  This final edition of the Mace of the Apocalypse series is a page turner, you will not want to put it down until you’re finished with it.  I know I couldn’t.  This book steps right in stride with the other three novels and even leaves you with a glimmer of hope in the end.


Daniel J Williams grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Some of his favorite activities as a kid included scaring the bejesus out of kids on Halloween, terrorizing neighbors playing doorbell-ditch, and excelling in the ultimate sport of Dodgeball. He somehow managed to score a business degree and wasted years toiling in the business world, writing technical sheets and marketing materials.

He finally realized what was missing in his life: Zombies! Spending several years working on his breakthrough novel, Mace of the Apocalypse, he then couldn’t help himself and penned three more novels with the same characters in a continuation of the story.

The Mace of the Apocalypse series spans the beginning of a zombie outbreak in San Francisco to its ultimate conclusion in San Antonio, TX. It can be purchased through Amazon.com.

Legend of Mace along with the entire Mace of the Apocalypse series can be found here.


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