Sedulity Book One-Impact by David P. Forsyth.

Posted: March 29, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Post-Apocalyptic, Uncategorized

21403452How do I even begin to put into words what a profound effect this book has had on me.  Okay bare with me here folks cause oh boy this is gonna be a tough one for me to put down into words.  Sedulity is a second high sea apocalyptic adventure series by author of Voyage of the dead David P. Forsyth.  And boy oh boy was this book a powerhouse.  The first night I picked it up planning on reading 2-3 chapters and read half the book in one sitting.  The second night same story, half of the second half that night.  And last night I picked it up thinking to finish it off, only to have the reading accompanied by a legit 5.1 Earthquake here in California were I reside.  Boy oh boy did that Earthquake strike home!

Now you are most likely asking yourself what does an Earthquake in California have to do with an Apocalypse at sea.  Well let me tell you, this book is the beginning of a three part series based around the survivors of a Meteor strike and the catastrophic events that happened after.  And man oh man does this book run the gauntlet of catastrophe’s!  And the author doesn’t over do it or make it seem unbelievable either.  in fact he covers the facts very well, and you will find yourself so thoroughly entrenched in the action you can’t put this book down.  I know I struggled to do so.

Sedulity follows a well rounded cast of characters, who all have a powerful roll to play with in these pages.  From the man who knows what needs to be done for the ship to survive, all the way to the man who is only thinking of himself and what will become of him.  Though he covers those thoughts well.  When you pick up Sedulity you are in for a roller coaster ride, of emotions, horror, and absolute worry for the characters who star in this tale of the end of the world.   Now if you’re still wondering why my Earthquake hit home I’m going to spoil one thing for you,  there are several Earthquakes in this story, but only one hits home and is big enough to be terrifying.  I just happened to be reading that scene when our Earthquake hit.

So this is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone interested in high seas terror, or the apocalypse, or both…both is awesome as well.   David P. Forsyth has hit another home run with this book and I for one can not Wait for the next two books in the series.  And David informs me they both will be out before the end of the year.  YAY!

You can find Sedulity and all of David’s works here


Why do some people find stories depicting the horrific end of civilization appealing? I can’t speak for everyone, but as the author of apocalyptic zombie novels, I have given that question some serious thought. Having grown up with the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, I was always attracted to doomsday books featuring various post-apocalypse survival scenarios.

One of the most popular type of apocalyptic themes these days features zombies. Zombies engender feelings of fear and revulsion. A well told zombie tale is full of tension, suspense, and the expectation of violent conflict. Most importantly, zombies are the perfect villains because it is cool to kill them!

The audience doesn’t feel sorry for them, at least not after they become zombies. So the reader, or viewer, wants to see them cut to pieces. They want to be exposed to vivid and gratuitous violence inflicted on the undead hordes threatening the vestiges of humanity.

We live in a day and age when the impossible has become common place. Technology has changed our lives in ways that we are only beginning to appreciate, making life both easier and more complex. Things like cell phones and cloning were only science fiction when I was a boy. So who’s to say that zombies are impossible? Apocalyptic stories showing how bad life could become also remind us of how far we have come and that the farther our civilization advances, the farther it has to fall in the event of an apocalyptic event.

Even those who feel that life has treated them unfairly can relate to a fictional world where their destiny is suddenly up to their own survival drive and ingenuity. Where good and evil are truly black and white. Imagine a world where simply staying alive places you in the top 1%! If that idea is at all appealing to you, then you are a potential fan of apocalyptic fiction and might like the books I write.

  1. Jesse says:

    Agree on you! Fine point-of view

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I absolutely enjoyed
    every bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…

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