I am Automaton 2: Kafka Rising By Edward P Cardillo.

Posted: May 5, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Zombie Apocalypse

iamautomaton2-finished-cover I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Edward Cardillo is amazing when it comes to combining both military fiction, and Zombies together. This book the second in a series picks up right where Book one I am Automaton. And it goes nonstop til the ending. Every turn of the page was another twist that left me going. I need more, and when I reached the end I was almost ready to throw my kindle across the room. I wanted more, and Edward has already delivered with a third book. Which I can not wait to start reading. But, this book delivers a one, two knock out punch in rapid succession that will leave you laying on the floor gasping for air.

Peter and Carl Birdsall have survived the events in the first book, but neither of them survived it unchanged.  Peter lives with a horrid weight on his shoulders over the death of his men in Tora Bora.  While Carl is changed on a level, that no matter what happens with him, he will never be the same again.  After an inspection he is cleared again for duty and from there on, things go from bad to worse.  With a new found ability that is making him a bit of a star, and soon to be a martyr.
Things quickly go south for the brothers, and soon Carl is on the run with new friends and the US Army and his own brother as an enemy.  But, things aren’t always as they seem.

Like I said, its a one, two punch knock out, I picked up this book on a Monday and was done with it by Tuesday night late.  It was an edge of your seat, hold on til your knuckles are white, roller coaster ride.  Where at the first book was a slow build, its sequel slams you into the shark infested waters face first and holds you under til the last gasping breath.   And when you surface at the end, it makes you wonder, what comes next.

I know I had trouble putting this book down and getting sleep when I needed too, and drove everyone around me nuts when they were trying to talk to me.  Either way if you think the world we live in now is scary, wait until you step into the future with The Automaton and those around him.


I am Automaton: Kafka Rising by Edward P. Cardillo can be found and Purchased here.

The first book in the series, I am Automaton can be found and purchased here.



Edward P. Cardillo is an author of horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy. His novel I AM AUTOMATON won a Readers’ Favorite Award and is the beginning of a series being published by Severed Press. By day Cardillo is a clinical psychologist treating anxiety and fear; by night he concocts tales to terrify his readers…He enjoys both jobs immensely.


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