2 hours Reviewing the apocalypse Promo-thon Master list! Check these books, Series and Authors out! They are awesome!

Posted: May 6, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Zombie Apocalypse

imagesAuthor Promo: Shannon Delany  The Awesome Author of 13 to life, and Weather witch Check her out!

Series Promo: The Artisans of Albia by Cas Peace, a Nail biter of a series that leaves you wanting more every step of the way.

Author Promo: Cameron Jace:  Love Fairy tales?  Love Fantasy?  Love new takes on old Stories then this author is for you!

Series Promo:  Six feet from Hell by Joseph A Coley, It all starts Six feet from Hell.  Where it end?  Read to find out!!

Series Promo: Zombie Fighter Jango: The Road to Hell is Paved in Zombies.  Find out how, by reading it today!

Author Promo: Michael Bray, the author of the best selling Meat, and Whispers this man is a master at spinning tails of suspense and terror.

Series promo: Escaping the Dead: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Vol 1. By W J Lundy.   The radio goes quiet while on convoy in Afghanistan, a lost patrol alone in the desert.

Series Promo: Gameland: Season one by Saul Tanpepper.  Zombies are just a game…arn’t they?  Find out by reading this page turner of a series.

New authors promo: Horror in Bloom;Spring into some great Horror by some great new Up and coming authors.

Short Story Promo:  Eat me or Bite me (just don’t ignore me) What do you do if your the last woman on earth, and the last man on earth is right across the Alley way?  Read this awesome short story by Alan Dale to find out.

Author Promo: J. Rudolph, the amazing Author of the Reanimates Trilogy.  Check her out!

Book Promo: A Bloody Road to no where: Tales from the Apocalypse by Joanna Prototype:  Where not the top of the food-chain anymore

Book Promo: Mystery intrigue, Zombies? The Moon landing was faked, wanna know how, sink your teeth into One Undead Step: A Zombie Novel, By Ian McClellan.

Book Promo: Looking for exciting? Fast paced Adventure in a world that will suspend disbelife for awhile? Then you definitly need to run out and get your hands on Sad Wings of Destiny By Thom Brannan.

Series Promo: The Apocalypse is coming! Are you prepaired to survive? Maybe getting your hands on The Mace of the Apocalypse Series by Dan Williams will help you get ready.

Author Promo: Enjoy Cruises on ships destined to survive the apocalypse Zombie or otherwise? Then you need to check out all of David P Forsyth work today!

  1. Thank you for including my book!

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