Trap Door by Derrick LaCombe

Posted: October 3, 2014 by Joy Dawson in Personal Hell


This series of quick flash fiction leaves you wondering what could happen next in each short little story written by Author Derrick LaCombe.  Each story takes you down a path and it leaves you thinking and wondering where, when and why things are going to happen the way they do.  Or even is there a way to take a step further with each short story.

Filled with Macabre, sad, and thoughtful pieces Trap Door is a quick, but quit fun little read.  Each story stands alone and is well thought out, well written and amazing.   They leave you wanting even more from each story.  But not because the stories don’t reach a conclusion, but because you just want to know more about the world each little flash that Derrick lets you see.

The description for this book over on Amazon tells you, you will question reality,  I did,  that things aaren’talways what they seem, and they’re not.  This book leaves you thinking and wondering on many things as you explore the only recesses of your mind, after each quick look into the worlds that Derrick LaCombe has created with in this book.

And in ever way this book of 10 amazing flash fiction stories shows you that Derrick is an author is not held back by his inability to leave one world, and enter another, but he blossoms and shows his ability to explore other worlds and realms.  This is definitely a great read and something I strongly recommend it.


You can pick up Trap door here 

Derrick was born and raised in the ‘Big Easy'(City of New Orleans). In growing up, his zest for life was shaped by the unique culture of the region which includes world famous Mardi Gras, Cajun food, and a vigorous creative arts scene. It’s these things plus many others that have given him his spice for life, and shaped his creativity and passions. He mixes these ingredients into the subjects he writes about, whether it’s zombies, holiday fantasies, or mysteries, creating an awesome literary gumbo. Join him on the many adventures you’ll take as he explores the rest of his imagination.

If you would like more information on any of his novels, novellas, novelettes, or short stories, contact Derrick at: or

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