Grayland By Maddie Delange

Posted: November 13, 2015 by Joy Dawson in Personal Hell

GraylandAfter the loss of her sister, Marina Magaña is lost in a world with out color.  Struggling in her day to day life just to exists, with a dead end job, and no future prospects, her world is falling apart around her.

Marina is a character I got very attached to very quickly, I could feel her pain that burns so deeply.  The character development and build was absolutely amazing, heartbreaking and riveting  From page one I was sucked into Marina’s world, into her pain and loss into her absolute desolation.

Not only does Marina feel abandoned by those she needs the most, her mother, father and brother, but by those around her who don’t quite seem to understand what she’s lost.  And then she finds a locket and things around her slowly begin to change.  Along with the locket comes a mysterious man known only to her as The Greyman, who will give her Three favors.

How Marina uses those favors is up to her, and what she learns from each instance is almost as heart wrenching as the loss Marina is feeling for Rachael her now dead sister.   Through out the book, you travel with Marina out of the depths of Despair, and back into the light and love of her friends and family and the final favor is one made from much thought, self reflection and maturity.

All and all this book was an amazingly fun book to read, I really loved the first person nuances that Author Maddie DeLange put out there for us to travel through.  This was a great book, a real edge of your seat type book and I really enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.

You can find Greyland Here on Amazon.

About the Author

The author Maddie DeLange is a Northwest native who enjoys everything about her rainy yet beautiful home state. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and son..

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